Agency: Hoeber
Client: Duracell
CD: Chris Titze
CGI Artist: Chris Titze
From Coppertop to Optimum Visual Journey

Duracell sought our expertise to craft a cutting-edge visual image library for their groundbreaking Optimum battery line, all the while encapsulating Duracell’s legacy of trust and reliability. Our mission: Carve out a distinctive visual identity for the Optimum technology, setting it apart from the renowned Coppertop batteries, and accentuating its superior performance. To this end, we sculpted an illustrative aesthetic for Optimum and curated a comprehensive image repository capturing diverse perspectives and uses. This fresh aesthetic was also infused into the Coppertop image collection, ensuring a cohesive and instantly recognizable visual language for Duracell’s entire battery range.

The Duracell Optimum battery, boasting a higher energy density than the traditional Coppertop alkaline batteries, marks a monumental leap in battery innovation. Our dynamic and harmonized image libraries for both Duracell Optimum and Coppertop batteries empowered Duracell to showcase their state-of-the-art battery tech, bolstering their stature as trailblazers in the sector. Thanks to our fruitful collaboration, Duracell Optimum batteries have now illuminated store shelves nationwide.