Agency: Hoeber
Client: Zephyr
CD: Chris Titze
PoD: Thomas Hoeber
Pioneering Adaptable Brand Assets

In the ever-evolving realm of brand imagery, Zephyr Gen embarked on an ambitious journey to create a distinctive and reusable key image. Collaborating with Hoeber Agency, the goal was clear: Craft a visual asset that, while singular in its creation, could be diversely applied across myriad environments.

The challenge lay in ensuring the bottle’s refractions worked seamlessly. The objective was to achieve a realism where, when an environment was placed in the backdrop, the bottle would refract it authentically. To guarantee this precision, the bottle was photographed against a grid. This technique offered the necessary information to distort the bottle in alignment with how the grid would interact with the background, ensuring that subsequent environments would refract correctly within the bottle.

While the bottle was the centerpiece, the backdrop was the canvas that set the mood. Initial efforts revolved around creating custom CGI 3D images. Yet, as technology often does, it presented an opportunity to elevate the project. Drawing from the custom CGI creations, they were fed into an AI system designed to generate variations. This innovative fusion of CGI and AI birthed a vast catalog of surreal, ethereal backdrops, each echoing the brand’s essence while offering distinct visual experiences.

The brilliance of this approach lay in its scalability and adaptability. With a single photographic asset of the bottle, Zephyr Gen now had the flexibility to create countless unique advertisements. The core imagery remained consistent, yet each ad execution varied, tailored to its specific location. This strategy, previously unimaginable, now became a reality, showcasing a groundbreaking method of advertising that balanced consistency with uniqueness.

In summary, the Zephyr Gen project stands as a testament to the possibilities that arise when creativity meets technological advancement. Through a harmonious blend of photography, CGI, and AI, Hoeber Agency and Zephyr Gen redefined the boundaries of brand imagery, setting a new benchmark for future endeavors.