Agency: Hoeber
Client: Effen
CD: Chris Titze
PoD: Thomas Hoeber
A Vision of Flavor and Light

In the competitive landscape of vodka branding, Effen Vodka desired a standout visual identity that resonated with their diverse flavor offerings and appealed to a contemporary audience. Hoeber Agency, known for its innovative design ethos and avant-garde creativity, was the chosen collaborator to bring this vision to life.

The crown jewel of our partnership was the masterfully crafted hero image. Set against an elegant black canvas, each bottle—from the classic straight vodka to the enticing flavors like black cherry, blood orange, cucumber, green apple, and raspberry—was showcased. Illuminated by dramatic satellite lighting, the bottles stood as individual pillars of flavor, creating a mesmerizing display that perfectly captured Effen Vodka’s essence.

Transitioning from still photography, Hoeber Agency embraced the world of CGI to birth dynamic short-form looping videos, tailor-made for the TikTok platform. A standout visual depicted the vodka bottle being seamlessly transported through a pneumatic tube, with a backdrop of oranges playfully rolling, all in perfect loop. Another iteration showcased the rhythmic filling of shot glasses, juxtaposed with the bottle’s pneumatic journey. And adding a touch of neon brilliance, each Effen Vodka flavor was celebrated with its distinct neon backdrop, creating a visual symphony that looped flawlessly.

Through a harmonized blend of authentic photography and CGI artistry, Hoeber Agency reimagined Effen Vodka’s visual narrative. The result was a series of captivating hero images coupled with immersive social media content, echoing the agency’s unwavering commitment to creativity and its passion for redefining visual boundaries.