Glo Juice

Agency: Hoeber
Client: Glo Juice
CD: Chris Titze
PoD: Thomas Hoeber
Fresh Take on Cold-Pressed Branding

In the bustling juice market of Dallas, Texas, GloJuice aimed to be the fresh, revitalizing sip that stood out. Enter Hoeber Agency. Tasked with crafting a distinct brand aura resonating with the pulse of urban Gen Z enthusiasts, the agency looked eastward to Miami—a city that encapsulates the zest, flair, and energy that GloJuice wanted to embody. Drawing from the sun-soaked Miami streets and its iconic vaporwave essence from the 2000s, an art style emerged, blending cool blues with fiery oranges and hot greens. Add a sprinkle of whimsy with floating fruit, blending real-world photography with CGI magic, and you get an aesthetic cocktail that’s hard to forget. This visual symphony found its voice across digital landscapes—from GloJuice’s website and social channels to the vibrant wrap on their custom vehicle. The result? A campaign that not only turned heads but set a new visual benchmark in the cold-pressed juice cosmos.