Agency: Hoeber
Client: Schladerer
CD: Chris Titze
DoP: Thomas Hoeber
Evoking the Essence of the Black Forest

In the sophisticated world of liqueur branding, capturing the true essence and heritage of the drink is vital. Schladerer Edelkirch Liqueur, deeply rooted in the traditions of the Black Forest, sought to visually convey this rich lineage. Hoeber Agency stepped in to bring this vision to fruition.

The foundational piece was a key image, masterfully crafted to resonate with the atmospheric beauty of the Black Forest. This portrayal wasn’t just about aesthetics but symbolized the liqueur’s origins and the intricate tapestry of flavors it embodied.

Building on this foundation, a series of posters was developed, central to which was the iconic cuckoo clock. Seamlessly integrated, these posters echoed Schladerer’s ties to the Black Forest, striking a balance between tradition and modern appeal.

The journey then transitioned to the digital realm, with Hoeber Agency creating a series of captivating Instagram-ready animations. One delved into the world of the cuckoo clock gears, another depicted the Schladerer bottle elegantly rotating within the clock, and a third animation featured the bottle playfully popping out, reminiscent of a cuckoo’s timely appearance. Each animation, distinct yet unified, ensured the Schladerer essence was front and center.

In summary, the Schladerer Edelkirch Liqueur project is a testament to the power of innovative design and storytelling. Through a blend of traditional motifs and contemporary digital content, Hoeber Agency effectively spotlighted Schladerer’s Black Forest legacy, crafting a narrative that lingers in the minds of consumers.